Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guess What I FINALLY Got!?!?!?

I finally found that serger that I have been looking for and for an incredible deal.  Thanks to my friend Dawn to telling me to be patient and wait cause she had a feeling I would find it on Craig's List and I DID!!!

I started playing with it yesterday when I brought it home and have already made Marcus a pair of pajama pants that actually took me longer to cut than to serge the seams. Yep, LOVE!  As always, I will have a few learning curve things but believe it or not, I already have the threading down pat which is normally the hardest part of a serger.  I have had to re-do the thread and play with the tension a few times but it is a great little machine for what I want it for and I can't wait to show you the results.  I will try to post pics later today of the finished pants but I have to finish the waist band and the bottoms on the regular machine first.  I am a happy little camper right now besides the fact that I can't sit as long as I would like to at the machine because my tail bone is KILLING me.  Tomorrow is shot day so I am hoping for a little relief at that point but the way the past weeks have gone, there is no relief in site so it will be just up, down, lay down, walk a bit, sit.  This crap is for the birds but I got a serger!!!!!  LOL

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