Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coming Back with a Vengance

I know that I have been quiet for awhile....a LONG while...I let the fibro and the arthritis get me down.  I let people in my husband's "family" get to me and bring me to some very dark places but it is no longer the time to sit back and enjoy the scenery of my bedroom, it is time to react and pose some very long needed questions.

To Denise.  Who do you think you are?  You are the grandmother and NOT the parent of OUR grandson.  How dare you put poison in his mind about his mother, myself, or any other target  you deem fitting at any given time.  You told me that this world would be a better place without me in and I bet you thought you had the best of me.  I am stronger than you know and your words and actions only qualify you as trash.  You lie to manipulate your children and your grandson and to make yourself out to be some victim.  Well, guess what?  I don't care and am not falling for it.

Let's just put one example out on the table, shall we?  Last week you took OUR grandson to the HOSPITAL, not an urgent care, not a doctor's office, but an emergency room at a HOSPITAL.  With your college educated mind, did you not even once think to pick up your damn phone to call his mother?  With all of the texting you did with your son, I know the thought crossed your mind but with malicious intent, you did nothing.  For two minutes, step back and put yourself in a mother's shoes.  How would you have felt if this had happened to you when your children were young?   If, as a mother, you find out that your child has been taken into the hospital and she is then purposely sent to 3 different locations, unable to find him, you too would have been as frantic as Ashley.  Not only was she being led astray but she is also being manipulated by your son into believing that he was the one with him. She was available the whole time.  The feeling of helplessness doesn't even come close to what I can imagine she was dealing with.  When finally told to call you because you had him at the hospital, for no less than 3 hours without a single word of communication from you, would have made me beyond furious.  And we are not even finished, if one parent is unable to take care of a situation, the other parent has every right to step in and care for the child.  Instead of allowing Ashley to leave and care for her son until your son got off of work, you choose to stand there and berate her as a parent and bring up court orders and such in front of Marcus and the nurses and I am sure whoever else would listen to you.  Again I ask, Who do you think you are and How dare you?  SHE is his mother and not you and you just proved that you are a very vindictive, hateful individual.   You are the same person that speak ill about me to my grandson when I have nothing but positive things with and for him.  He is one of the greatest loves of my life yet you continue to tell him how I am not a "real Mimi".  "In the best interest of the child"....LOL, you don't even know what the means!  Why don't you stop being bitter for long enough to truly look in a mirror and see what all of this evil is doing to Marcus.  He is a very intuitive child and knows what is going on, especially considering you and your son are so open with him regarding court details...things that NO 5 year old should know or ever have to worry about.  If you ever stopped for a minute or two and really looked at the situation from a mother's perspective, you might actually see that enabling your son, lying for him in court, and outright hateful deeds, are more destructive for the only one that should matter....Marcus!

Now onto Jason.  I have tried with you so many times, I can't even count but I am done because you have hurt your Dad for the last time  All that he wanted the other night was an evening with his FAMILY, which includes Ashley, Steve, Marcus and Jackson.  You throw a temper tantrum and go off with "how dare he invite Ashley", well I want to ask, How dare he not?  She is closer family to both of us than you have ever been.  She calls and checks in on us both as well as allows us to see our grandson, something you have not done in almost a year.  The only time you call your Dad is when you want something or to speak your hatred for however he wronged you.  You have told him straight out that I won't be allowed to see your new baby when she is born which is fine as I never want to get close to you or your situation again, but how did you think that makes him feel?  Get over it because I am not leaving our relationship and neither is your father. Learn that you are a grown man, responsible for grown man issues.  When you stop blaming other, you might actually be able to see a clearer reflection of yourself.  What I see is a liar (even in a court of law), a manipulator, someone who resorts to bullying, theft, and harassment when you don't get your way,  a lazy thug that deals drugs because it is "easy money" instead of trying to earn an honest day's work, a cheater in life and love (Justine will figure out eventually that you are not quite so honest with her about where you spend your time),   I used to praise you for the fine father that you were becoming but everything has changed.  You have kept our grandson away from us, you take him into unsafe situations and around people that are unsavory at best, you do drugs in front of him, and you talk bad about his family.  Someday he will be old enough to hate you for it all because he sees it.  I just pray that it is not too late and he doesn't go down your same path.

Enough for one night.  Until next time

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