Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things I have Learned from Sewing

Mind you, these items have just been learned in the past two hours.

1. If a pattern says use a pressing cloth with a specific interfacing, it is best that you follow this instruction.

2. If an iron, whatever the cost, says "self clean", that is exactly what that means...YOU will clean it YOURSELF, with a heck of a lot of elbow grease.

3. When heated, Goof-Off smells just as bad as when it is cold.

4. Vinegar does not clean everything...specifically said iron.

5. If you don't have plain vinegar but apple cider vinegar, try it. When mixed with baking soda, it makes a fun bubbly mix but still doesn't clean crap off of said iron! But the good news is, when warmed, the concoction kinda smells like bread is baking.

6. I don't really need fingerprints anymore. As long as I don't plan to be murdered anytime soon, they are only useful in identifying a body.

I think this is about enough lessons I need for a day but if anyone has a sure fire way to remove gluey residue from an iron, please leave me a comment. Also, check out what I am in the process of making below. It is a nice little ironing board caddy (how ironic) from sew4home. You can check out the link in my pinterest.

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What if I said "Yes"?

What if I said "yes"?   The question is "can I do anything for you?" or "do you need anything?".  My "friends" know me and know that my response is always "no, I am fine".  I would never go out there and ask for assistance.  I wouldn't because in the past, when I have actually taken the steps to get someone to help me, the answer is always the same, "I have (insert whatever) and (insert whatever else) to do and am really busy, but I might be able to fit you into my schedule next Thursday at 9pm".  I get that everyone is busy but for a person to put themselves out there and ask for assistance (when you have volunteered), please don't try to fit me in at a time when you know that I won't be functioning or better yet, when the help is no longer needed.

I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, that is not the point of this post but you find out who your true friends are when you are disabled.  I am not always able to drive to you and I am not always fun anymore or even the happy go lucky girl that I used to be.  I KNOW that.....better than ANYONE, I KNOW that.  Some days it is hard to even live with myself and yes, it is depressing.  It is hard to see me like this.....I get that....I am depressing.....check check.  But when you say to me "What can I do to help" or "Do you need anything?", what if I responded with "Yes, thank you, there is"?  What would you say?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Love Purse

Almost finished except for the straps
Straps going on

Interior (completely changed)

different options for a closure piece

Close up

Temporary closure
So this is it!  I still need to do some minor adjustments on it but essentially it is done.  I stayed up late the night before Thanksgiving because I was on a roll.  Of course it took a test run on Thanksgiving to determine the additional changes that it needs (closure, duh!, tightening of one of the straps, etc).

Right now I am working on some Christmas items for a holiday bizarre that I was invited to this weekend and then it is time to get house in order for the holidays and do some more sewing.  I want to make my own stockings this year!!!  Wish me luck!

Until next time,


Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I learned today.....

This list is in no particular order so just go with it...lol

Will Ferrell is a worse actor than I originally thought. I caught pieces of Land of the Lost and he ruined what was actually one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

I learned that I should let go of the past.  I can't change the things that I have done, I can only change how I act in the future and hope that I have learned from my mistakes.  The things that I do, make me, me.  Looking forward is so much better than looking back and continually tripping over my own feet.

On that same note, I can't keep beating myself up for mistakes that I made in my past.  I can only hope that people are forgiving.  If forgiveness is never granted, I can only move on alone and cherish the memories.  I only have control over ME and how forgiving I wish to be, no one else.  I am just thankful that God is much more forgiving than most people.

I learned that my aunt Lani is probably more likely my mother and that I have more in common with her than my biological mother.  Funny how much stuff you find that you have in common if you just talk.  I found out that she has the same love of sewing and even sews with a serger like me.  She also told me that they think she has psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia just like me.

I learned that my mom's family does NOT hold me accountable for my mom's actions and they just want to see ME.  I have been in fear of seeing them for so long because of my mom did and I shouldn't have been.  Even though I might have been embarrassed for my mom, I didn't do anything to my family and should have been more willing to see them because we have so much wasted time that can't be brought back.  I am fixing that today and meeting my aunts to catch up.  It will be a wonderful Sunday and a weight off of my chest!

I learned that I can serge a pair of pants for my grandson in under an hour from start to finish and they look as good, if not better, than a pair of fleece pants that can be bought in the store.

I learned that Christmas lights make me happy when I see them lit up after Thanksgiving.  Also, Christmas music on the radio AFTER Thanksgiving makes me a little giddy!  Some people in our subdivision go all out and it makes me happy that Christmas is fast approaching.

This is all for now but I am sure I will learn more today!

Until next time,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Making Progress on the Love Purse

I must admit that this bag is harder than I anticipated.  I don't know if it is because it is SO much thinker than I am used to working with or if it is just because the material means so much more to me than just normal fabric I pick up at Joann's.  Probably the 2nd one but I want to get it just right.  Here is what I have so far.

HAHA...Yeah, I know, it doesn't look like much but the bottom and sides are completed and this is just the top part next to the picture of the original sweater.  As I think I said before, it really didn't felt up like I wanted it to so you can see the interfacing from the liner.  Once I sew the edges and turn it, it will be able to be seen better but I just didn't want a limp sweater, thus the interfacing.  Also, since I am not using a pattern and just free-styling what I want, it has definitely taken more time along the way so that I didn't mess anything up.  I did use my new serger for a few areas but it seems that even the serger is not exactly liking the thickness of this piece and I have a feeling I might be finishing the handles in areas by hand.  That is ok and I want to be happy with it.

On another note......did you see the Joann's Black Friday specials????  Fleece for $2.99 per yard???  Flannels for $1.49 a yard?  OK, I am so there with my extra special additional 25% off even sale price stuff till noon.  Dawn, you with me?  Yep, that's what I thought! I think we should go now and get a number because you know we might be waiting until 4pm for them to call #2987...lol.   Now, if I could just get my hands on the Hancock Fabric Friday specials.  Has anyone seen them?  

Until next time,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Physical Age Does not Define your Maturity

I just have to get this down and off of my head and heart because it really bothers me.  When things bother me and I can't talk about them with anyone that will make a difference, I may as well self com-bust!

OK, so we have my grandson's 2nd birthday party today which has been planned for the last couple of months.  My daughter in law asks all of the grandma's (3 of us total, her mom, myself, and my husband's ex) to get together and make cupcakes.  Bless her heart, she thought it would be any easy and smart way to get the cupcakes done in one sitting so that the rest of the time could be spent on the other food items, decorating, etc.  I am friendly with her parents just fine and offered up my house to do the baking but of course there is always one person who can't get along with ANYONE regardless of the issue or even that it isn't about her, it is about our grandson in common.  The excuse used was that she would feel uncomfortable in our home as we SHOULD in hers.  First, I don't feel uncomfortable there and in fact was there earlier the day before.  Walked right in with both of my step-sons, went into the bedroom to get my grandson's clothes, dressed him and went on my way.  In fact, I have been in there quite a few times.  I learned from my step-daughter years ago that no one MAKES you feel uncomfortable, that is you doing it to yourself.

So, even with her feelings of discomfort, I still extended a text invitation directly from me, stating that she was  more than welcome to come and help as this day is about our grandson.  It was ignored just as any text that I send.  Ignored and not responded to even though she knew that she had other plans.  These other plans included paying $50 for a cupcake cake for the birthday boy....more cupcakes.  Now, had WE (daughter in law, her mom and 2 sisters, my husband and myself) not spent at least 3 hours making and decorating 75 cupcakes, this wouldn't have been an issue....but we did.  We bought the cake mix, as well as the eggs, oil, frosting, kit and stuff that she wanted to use to fill the cupcakes and set aside this time weeks ago to do this.  This morning I was up early making the chicken, rice, and the beans for the meal with help from my daughter in law but had we not wasted all of that time last night on the cupcakes......the whole meal could have been completed and packed up ready to go to the party site last night and it wouldn't have been a mad dash.  But it was and it all could have been avoided by stepping out of her shoes for a mere second and into the others helping.  She would have seen how much time and energy was being wasted on something that wasn't needed.  If you choose to pay that much for cupcakes, that is on you but now we have 75 cupcakes left over because she wanted to "make a point".  Point taken but I am sure the point that you were trying to make is probably not the point that I took away from this.

Points I am taking away from this:

  • after being married to my hubby for almost 6 years, you WON'T change 
  • you ARE still so self absorbed that you don't care about what anyone else has to go through
  • you ARE so petty and childish that you need to draw attention to yourself 
  • for some reason, EVERYONE is scared of confronting your childlike behavior, but not me
  • you ARE immature or you would just suck it up and be a normal for one day out of the year
  • you ARE nothing but a trouble making, drama queen or you would have either not done this or let everyone know your individual plan in advance.
In the future, I need to consider everything that I do for you or you are included in.  I never like "what's in it for me" because what I do for others is from me because I want to help, but I do need to consider "how will she use this against me".  When everything I do comes back to bite me, she makes it quite difficult being cordial at all but I have always strived to be.  Example, her mom passes away last year right before Christmas.  I knew that she was away from our grandson for 3 or so weeks so I sent her pictures via text so she could see how he was doing.  I also sent a custom memorial vinyl saying on canvas down to her for the funeral.  Never a thank you by the way for any of it. When I have made an error or let her get under my skin, I have apologized for things I have said, to her face nonetheless, but sadly she interprets that she is perfect and that she has not done anything worthy of an apology.  My God is the only perfect person in my life.   When she had colon cancer, I always made sure that the kids took home food for her when they were over.  No acknowledgment for any of this either.   By my doing these things, she is under the very UNREAL idea that I want to be her friend.  Her kids tell me this. Honestly, I have enough friends but there is absolutely no reason that you need to be such a malicious backstabber to me when I was not involved in your divorce, nor have I ever done wrong by any of your children.  I need to take her for what she is, a miserable, unmarried, lonely woman.  A little less self absorption and a little more self reflection may help in these areas.

I am done venting for now......wow, I actually do feel better!

PS.  the cupcake cake that she purchased was REALLY purchased by us anyway as she was hunting my husband down for the child support check early.  Now maybe if we could get her to actually pay her debts to my husband from the home equity that she has owed him for about 8 years......THAT will have to be for another post!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I know that most of my posts recently have been of the crafts that I allow to fill my mind and mostly make me smile but today I have a personal post that makes me extremely sad.  It makes me sad because I am not a bad parent and I know that.  I have never left my son's side, never....while others have walked in and out of his life, important people, family people, people that shouldn't do that shit.  But I have been here, never leaving but not able to make a difference and it sucks. Once an important person leaves you, it causes damage, damage that might not be seen from the outside, but it is there and it rears it ugly head at the worst times.

A parent can give all of the heart-felt advice that they can but it is up to the child to take that advice and run with it.  You can't do it for them but you are forced to watch what happens when they don't take that advice, and you are left to deal with the damage left in the wake. You are forced to watch it like a slow motion car accident that you can do absolutely nothing to stop.

My son did something stupid, and when I say stupid, I mean stupid because that is a word that is rarely in my vocabulary.  Instead of coming clean immediately and admitting his stupid act to the people that mattered most, he tucked it into a small pocket in his gut where I know it was eating him alive.  I know that I have a tendency to run...run from my problems, run from my issues, get defensive and just run for my life.  My relationship with my wonderful husband has taught me not to run.  He had the patience of a saint and has been able to break down walls that no one else ever has and has allowed me to face my demons without the fear that he will leave me.  He is here, for better or for worse, richer or poorer and definitely in sickness and in health...he is here for me and me for him and I know that I don't need to run anywhere but into his arms.  But for a 16 year old that has had people constantly leaving, that is a hard lesson to teach.  His stupid action, tucked away, all from his fear of someone else leaving him caused yet another heart break.  And he is running still, hasn't wanted to go to school for the past two days and deal with face to face.  How do you explain that actions speak louder than words?  I know that he is sorry for his action and I hope that he has learned a valuable lesson from this, but the words "you can trust me" are nothing but words.  You have to show people that they can trust you though your actions and that takes time but wounds can be healed over time from actions, not by simple, plain words.

Until next time,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Don't REALLY Hate the Holiday "Season"!

Despise is probably more accurate.  I know that people love the Fa La La'ing, the glitter sparkling, the idiot's shopping, the caroler's caroling, the car's trafficing, the mistletoe kissing, the colors, the drinks, the parties, the bell ringing, etc....blah blah blah.  I get it....I just hate the fact that it is TOO DAMN EARLY!  Only in the US (I hope) are we so money minded that we go from Memorial Day directly to Christmas, don't pass go, slow down enough to spook the crap out of the neighbors, but never really even see Thanksgiving for more than an extended weekend to eat too much and SHOP.  I hate that I got in my car last Monday and turned on not one but two radio stations that are already playing nothing but Christmas music.  Why are they forcing so much noise down our throats so early?  Do they know the true meaning behind the holiday?   Do they know that the event that we are celebrating was much quieter?  That a baby was born in a stable with a beautiful bright star leading the way for people to come and see Him. Come let US adore Him?  Quiet, nothing but the animal's stirring. I am going to assume that Jesus himself didn't even scream bloody murder like the kid I saw the other day in Walmart.  It was peaceful and it was quiet, yet every year gets louder and louder, earlier and earlier.  Shoot the messenger if you want but I want to celebrate the event, not the season.  I don't want to hear "this is what I WANT for Christmas".  Do you think that Jesus WANTED to be born in a stable?   Don't you think that there might have been a much more suitable place for the son of God to be born?  Think about this, November 13th, 2000+ years ago, do you think that Mary was hanging lights and throwing tinsel on a tree that is surely going to drop its needles by December 25th?  Kinda doubt it.  And what about "Happy Holiday"?  I am going to bet that even the person who came up with that phrase as to not offend anyone with a "Merry Christmas", didn't think people would begin saying it in September!

Now before you go and call me scrooge or whatever else, YES, I celebrate Christmas.. absofreakinglutely!  It just annoys me that we have made what used to be a month long celebration into a 3 month shopping event and are missing the true meaning.  This is not meant to offend anyone that celebrates Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or any other religious or cultural holiday that may fall in December/January, if anything, thank you.  Thank you for not allowing your celebrations to be littered or watered down by society.

Shutting up now :)

PS.  I have some new Christmas vinyl images going up soon but I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving is over.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's the Time? It's Time to Get Messy!

OK.....so I guess I had a little old school rap happening in my head as I was mod podging away today.  You know that Pinterest is my best friend (don't take that personally ANYONE).  I have had the worst couple of weeks to date but even when the rest of my body is pretty much shot and hurting horribly, my brain is still functioning and those gerbils are running on their wheel.

Paper, knife, wood, glue, material.....
Yep, that about does it!
Some of the pieces drying and getting ready
for a few more coats
One dried that I did a week ago.  It is ready for a
few more coats of slop
These guys are just sitting here patiently waiting
for their glue bath!
Once they are all done and dried, they will be getting some vinyl sayings applied to them like "Let it Snow", "Feliz Navidad", "Merry Christmas", "Wise Men Came", etc.  I can't wait till they get to that point but I am happy that I have had this much progress so far.  I will be doing a Holiday Bazaar on December 3rd and I think these will make great little inexpensive stocking stuffer or white elephant gifts.  If you are in need of some gifts, please don't hesitate to contact me as I have tons of Christmas and Holiday art and saying and I would love to make something special for you!

Until Later....Dream Big!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Newest Creation, the "Love Purse"

I am going to have to call this the "Love Purse", not because it has little hearts or even any type of pink on it, but because I am up-cycling an old sweater that I wore the first night my hubby took me out (and a few more times after that).  It is a Tommy Hilfiger wool mixed argyle sweater that I purchased on clearance (of course) and I fell in love with it immediately.  I had lost a large amount of weight and it fit me like a "T".  It no longer fits me but it was not one of the items that I could not bring myself to give up to Good Will as it just held too many memories.  AND, I still have this killer pair of red high heal cowboy boots that look incredible with the sweater so they are like a matched set.  Let me first show you how it looked originally.
This is Miguel, Tara, and I at
her going away party
Now after some cutting and washing.
General "possible" style of finished
Sweater with back and sleeves removed
Fabrics I am using as liners and pockets
I am still working out the different ideas floating around my head but you kind of get the idea.  I can't wait to use a piece of our beginning and change it into something functional instead of just hanging in my closet!  Let me know if you have any thoughts and/or suggestions because I love new ideas!

Until next time....keep dreaming.....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Blog Award!

I am so happy because I was just awarded my very first blog award and it couldn't come at a better time.  As anyone who reads my blog know, I have been feeling like caca for the past few weeks so it was so nice to smile about something.  Jen at The Nifty-Thrifty Lady  gave me the award for helping her out when she was just started out blogging with some helpful links and information.  It is always so nice to know that I was able to help out

By accepting this award I have agreed to:
  • Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link back to her page.  Check Jen's blog out at the link on my right sidebar or above.  If you stop by, please tell her I sent you over.  She is very cool gal and it is always nice when folks leave feedback for you.
  • Share 7 things about myself.
  • Pass the award on to a newly discovered blog.  
Ohhhh, 7 things about me.....this could get interesting..lol.  
  1. I have two obsessions that I can't get enough of.....shoes and jammies!  I wish that my body would have held up better so that I could wear some of the fierce heels that are out there now.  On the jammie subject, I have tons of flannel and cotton jammie bottoms, shorts, and t-shirts.  I love them and depending on how I feel some days, I might not get out of them.  Which leads me to #2.
  2. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis AND fibomyalgia.  I give myself weekly shots (yeah me!) that are supposed to help but they don't.  Both seem to tag team each other so when it is not the weather messing with the arthritis, it is someone stressing me out or the arthritis meds messing with the fibro.
  3. I lived in Arizona for 6 years.  I loved the people but hated the allergies.  I don't care what people say about Arizona being good for allergies because unless you have lived there, you don't understand that things have changed.  People have brought in different vegetation and there are so many man-made lakes and pools that the weather is different now than it was 40 years ago.  Also, if dust is one of your allergies, you are screwed.
  4. I have very few female friends because honestly, I don't trust them.  I have been stabbed in the back way too many times and I don't take my friendships lightly.  I can't just "toss aside" a friendship, it is not in my makeup to just give up on people so it is easier to not even get involved.  The friends that I do have, I have had for years because I know they too just don't give up on people.  Thank you my YaYa for loving me through ALL of my faults and seeing the real me, even if I let you down or disappointed you.  YOU my dear are a true friend and I will love you till the day I die.  We may not see each other as much as we would like but I always know you are right here in my heart.
  5. I was craftily retarded until I hit 30 years old and then I don't know what happened.  I started scrapbooking and liked it for about 5 minutes but got extremely bored.  I got into fusing glass a few years back and I love it but have had so much pain that I have been unable to do the steps down to my studio like I used to.  Through glass I got into the vinyl and I love it because it allows me to do a lot of computer designing.  In high school, I took sewing classes and bought a sewing machine awhile back that has just been accumulating dust.  I recently pulled it out and have been sewing.  It is relaxing and I love that I can complete a project in a couple of hours.  Sewing, I have found out, is kind of like riding a bike, you can stop for awhile but then start up again and the techniques and ideas just come flowing back.  In the past I have also knit and crocheted but it hurts my hands too much to do anymore so I will stick with the vinyl and sewing for now.
  6. I can't lie.  I just can't physically do it because I have the guiltiest conscience and things just eat me alive if I do it.  However on that note, I have learned over the years that even if you tell the truth and speak your mind, there is a way to do it without being rude or disrespectful.  Which leads me into #7.
  7. When I was growing up, there were two things that I wanted to be when I grew up, a chef or a lawyer.  Of course I am neither now but I do love to cook for my family and my son is in the culinary program at school so it seems he is following one of my dreams.  On the lawyer side, I have taken many college classes and even did an internship for a lawyer here in St. Louis and I loved it.  I always was afraid that I would never succeed at being a lawyer because of how I like to argue my point and speak the truth.  I had a lawyer tell me about 10 years ago, that I would have made or would make an incredible attorney because the arguing I do is not of a disrespectful nature but of a passionate nature.  I didn't know there was a difference until he explained this to me and many younger people need to realize this early and take note.  You don't need to curse someone up one end and back down the other to get your point across.  In fact, if you do it in a calm manner, sit down and explain the reasons you feel the way that you do and why, it generally makes for a better discussion.  
The blog that I would like to nominate is Patty from Patty Trends.  She has some of the coolest DIY stuff on her blog and she is a fellow Pinterest user.  If you have little ones, she has the most awesome tutorial for making a time out chair.   When you go by and see Patty, tell her I sent you.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it Really Thursday Already?

Wow....this week seems to have flown by and what do I have to show for it?   A NEW BAG!  Well, almost a new bag.  Actually, Briar is on Fall Break (don't even get me started on this stupid "break" thing) and I have not been feeling all that great so most of this week has either been spent following him around trying to figure out what he is doing or in bed.  Bed is only good if my hubby is home (oh la la) and not when I feel like death has knocked my door down.  One of these years I am going to get used to this pain or I will die for sure trying! :)  I have to share pics of course as I always love to do because it gives you a glimpse into my crazy world I call life.  Today is going to be kind of random cause that is the kind of girl I am.  Let's start with the new bag.  I showed you the one that I completed on Monday (yes, I know, fantabulous) and I used it for the first time on Tuesday.  There are some minor adjustments that I will definitely be making when I make this bag again, because I am a perfectionist and I want to get the stupid thing right in my eyes.  First....the dumb thing needs a pocket on the inside.  How could I have forgotten to include this or better yet, why was it missing in the instructions?  What do others do with all of your little "junk" like business cards and reward cards and well, stuff too small that shouldn't just be floating around in a big bag?  This girl needs at least one pocket!  Next, I have to say that I LOVE carrying this bag because it hangs just right and most of the purses that I have had in the past few years have had handles to only carry them on my arm and not my shoulder.  This is great and seems so much lighter.  BUT, cause you know that there always is one, even with the suiting material that I used as well as the flannel, the bag was kind of flimsy when I sat down and put it on my lap.   I know that sounds like a stupid thing to be a turn off but I guess I am used to my big, sturdy leather Michael Kors bag or my Vera Bradley and thought it should just hold its shape a little better.  That also can be fixed easily and will be with the next one.  Besides that, I love the shape and again, how it hangs.

The bag I am finishing up right now is below and if going to make an excellent laptop bag that I can throw my puter in and on my way I go.

Pic from book
Both side panels and liner
My first flat bottom....yeah!

view from other side.

Now all that it needs is handles and it will be finished.  Can't wait to throw my laptop in it!

Help me decide on the next project from my book.  Leave me a comment and let me know which one of the two below projects YOU think I should make.
Weekender Bag
Side View
Felted Corsage Bag
Bag with the Copper Canyon felt I want to try

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Newest Project.....Purse

I was inspired by my friend Dawn and her cool bags that she makes but I had to give it the "Mamalou" touch.    We are into really different fabrics which is cool in my book.  While I love and swoon for the Shabby Chic, floral look, she is into the modern/artistic prints.  While my first attempt didn't stay in either category, I love the mix of browns I used and love even more, the mix of different material types.  I love it so much that I am going to use it today :)

The template that I kind of went from, but mixed it up some, was from a book called "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs.

I picked it up this past week at Barnes and Noble and it contains some of the coolest designs that I have seen and it was so easy to understand, which I needed!  The template that I used was for the Wool Bow Bag but I did some modification to it because I wanted a longer handle and I didn't really want to put a bow on it.  Also, I wanted to use a few different materials on it instead of just one plaid throughout.  OK, so here we go.

Outside and liner cut and tapered
Burberry Plaid <3
Finished product 
Love my little green "tag"
That's it.  Had I not have been distracted by Grey's Anatomy episodes that we are trying to catch up on, I probably could have made this in a matter of a couple of hours but it took about 1/2 a day since I did make a few errors that I had to correct and I kept changing my mind on the fabrics but essentially it was easy and I can't wait to make more of the bags in this book.  I am so stoked that I didn't get rid of my sewing machine like I thought about many times! :)

Until later,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Living Room Picture Wall

I need some feedback and ideas and guess who I come to first....yep, you!  Look in the mirror and you know who I am talking to :).  Give yourself a great big pat on the back because I know that you want to offer feedback....right?

OK, here is the dilemma....if you read my posts, you know that I have recently gotten a sudden burst of creativity and need to get crap moving, well not moving per say but just changed up and spruced.  A new season, a new leaf turned, a new blah, blah, blah.  Actually, I was just kind of looking at my huge picture wall that I have in my living room and a year has past since any new pics of Marcus (my grandson)  have gone up or were switched.  He pointed out in his almost two year old language the other night that PaPa is holding the "BayBay" (in his sort of Louisiana sounding word..lol).  We tried to explain that the pic was of Grandpa and Marcus when HE was a baby but since he is NO longer a BayBay, he just didn't get it so...time to update the wall.  Hey, if I was as adorable as him, I would want to see my face plastered all over MiMi's (me....Gammy shortened) wall.  I am going to show a few pics below that will show how it originally started and what it looks like today and explain what I need/want to do.  First, this is originally what it looked like right after I hung the vinyl words up.  Oh and keep in mind that I have a large cutter for my vinyl so the wording is a given piece that is going to change.

My original wall, blank until I added the initial vinyl
and two collage frames.  I worked everything
else around them.
Gaps filled but still not great.  The lamp I love
needs to be moved.  It scratches the wall
and we don't even use it.
This is the wall today. 
I was playing around with the wall last night and trying to figure out which way I want to go with it.  First, black and white is just so, black and white so I need to add some colors.  If you look back at my posts, you will see the cool turquoise clock that I repainted.  That sits to the right of this wall so using that same turquoise makes sense and pinkish/peachy color is light enough that it doesn't knock you out when you walk in and see it.  Oh, and you can see that the lamp, although pretty, has been moved to the basement for now until we can find a way to incorporate it back in.  So the words are new, the large "A" still ugly craft paper color is just up to show that I want to incorporate it in, plus my project from last week, the "A" in the glass picture frame hung by a ribbon.  One more art piece will be going up but it is not finished yet.  It will be sort of like the button art piece below but I am putting it on a painter's canvas covered in burlap material. The button colors will be a lot cream, mother of pearls, lighter browns and I think I will incorporate a few turquoise" just to break it up.

So what do you think of it all?  Do you like the idea of the small wooden words?  Do you like the idea of breaking up the pictures with a little monogram art?  What should I do with the big "A", modge podge it, paint it, modge podge and glitter?  Now you are on to something! :)  What should the vinyl say?  I have some pretty standard ideas, but am liking "Memories.  Memories are timeless treasures of the heat.", "Every Picture has a story to tell", "Family is belonging to and believing in one another", "Families are forever", "Moments to Remember", "Home is where your story begins".  Any of them jump out and smack you?  No, me neither. I know that when I see it, I will just know but hey, I could just put romper Room! LOL  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and any help or feedback is always appreciated.  

Anyway, if you take the time to read this, please comment and give me your feedback and ideas.
Until later...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Entertaining Mimi

I just have to brag about how much fun I (we) had yesterday with our Grandson. For those that don't know, he will be 2 on November 22nd so he is at this extremely entertaining age and I think I forgot how funny these little creatures are at this age. I have to admit that he can just walk in the house and say in his little raspy voice, "Hi Papa, Hi MiMi" and my heart just melts but then he gets into this funny little rambling and just goofing around and he has me rolling on the floor laughing at him. Well, in my mind I am rolling because my poor body can't handle the physical roll but this child, no matter how bad my body hurts, can always do something to make me laugh. After a day of playing, dinner, bath and brushing his teeth, it was time for MiMi (short for Gammy) to jump in the shower. I came out to find that he had put on both of Papa's socks. Now these are normally ankle socks on my hubby but they went up to his knees! He had his evening "coffee" which is his soy milk with just a small amount of chocolate in it, and then it was off to bed. He carried Papa's blanket to his bed but he didn't want Mimi to leave so I laid down on the floor next to his bed and watched Nick Jr. with him. He kept taking his huge socked feet and sticking them through the crib slats and up the walls. This wouldn't normally be funny as he does it all the time but these socks on him were just cracking me up. I have some pics below and I know that it is a "you had to be there" kind of thing, but you will get the point. He finally drifted off to sleep and I had to slither out of the room on my knees which was not an easy task. I must have looked liked an idiot but I don't care because I didn't want to make a sound and wake him from his peaceful slumber.

Tubby Time
He used to be so TINY
Not so much anymore!
Yep, Papa's socks
There are those socks again from my view as I laid on the ground!

So as if last night was not enough, when he got up this morning, he came running to me with one sock still on yelling "Hi Mimi". What a perfect way to start my Monday!  Thank God above for that little man!  (he replies "yep!".


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess What I Did Yesterday?

I really hate that type of question because it is so broad so I am just gonna tell you and not make you try to figure it out.  I have had a rough few days arthritis wise so I really needed to get out of the house.  A few weeks ago while at the St. Charles Fashion Week, I met one of the owners of a local company named "Fabric Co".  They had some gorgeous fabrics on display at the show and if you look back at the posting from the first night of the show, you will see some of the material that they had on hand that evening.  We got to talking and I let them know that I was blogging my way around the show and asked (because it NEVER hurts to ask), if they have any end of rolls or remenents that they would be willing to exchange for some advertising.  Interest piqued!  He explained that most of their discontinued fabrics get moved from the main store in Chesterfield, MO to their sister store "Discount Decorating Outlet" which is only a few miles from the house in St. Charles, MO.  Oddly enough, I had been intending to stop to check out that store for a long time.  Garrett and I played phone tag a few times and eventually caught up with each other yesterday.  He said to go in and speak with Jim and pick out a few different pieces to do some custom pillows.  I was psyched to check this place out.  I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by a couple of sales associates but all I could think was "WOW".  This place was WAY more than I expected.  Because of the name, I thought that they only carried material for decorating purposes, you know, the huge roles of the heavy duty material for re-upholstering and curtains.  They had a huge selection of this stuff but so much more.  They had bins of clothing fabric (suiting, flannel, cottons, etc), rolls and rolls of trims, tons of wall paper and wall paper boarders, carts full of material samples (great for small projects or even scrap quilts), and the list goes on and on.  In addition to the items that have for projects, they also have numerous pre-made items available for sale, such as decorator pillows, small furniture pieces, table top items, and miscellaneous decorator items.  The store had so much stuff that I am definitely going to need to make another trip back there on a day that my 16 year old son and his friends don't want to tag along, although I do think that I have Jim convinced to take him off of my hands and put him to work moving heavy rolls or counting threads in a piece of fabric  :).  Let me show you the items that I picked up.

This is Waverly's print "Tre Chic".  LOVE it!
Mix it with a little pea pod green and I
think a cool pillow is in my future!
Loving this paisley...so colorful

These are the flannels that I picked up
And a couple of cottons
I will start working on these things very soon and will get them posted as I complete them but if you are in the St. Louis area, stop in at Discount Decorating Outlet and let them know that I sent you.  They also have a website available that you can check out.    The info for both locations is below.

Fabric Co
#108 Chesterfield Towne Center
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Phone: 1-855-530-0775


Store Hours

Mon-Thur10am - 6pm
Fri-Sat10am - 5pm

Discount Decorating Outlet

2751 Muegge Rd.
St. Charles, MO 63303
Phone: 636-498-0099

Store Hours
Mon-Fri 10am to 8pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wasted Day or was it?

As always, changes in plan take place at the last minute and if you read the "ABC's of Me", you know that I am not able to tell you how I feel until the last minute.  Since I finished both pillowcases last night, I went to bed with an incredible sense of accomplishment.  My arthritis has been acting up for the past two days but I pushed through it and did it.  The goal for today was for me  to get up and start on Marcus' pajama pants first. If I was going to ruin a pair, I figured that it would be best to make it on the smallest pairs possible and not waste too much material stash. Then came the phone call that my step-son needed to go into work early so he needed to bring Marcus (the recipient of above-named pants).  Marcus' mom has school all day on Tuesdays so she wouldn't be out till close to 4:30.  I had the whole day ahead of me planned but things don't always go as you would like them to.  So instead of sitting at the table sewing, I got to sit in "Mimi's chair" and/or on the floor and play with Marcus.  Thee will be plenty of opportunities to finish the pants but not many times longer to see this
Yes that is Marcus power lounging in his crib

My grandson is growing up so quickly and I know that the days that I have with him at this age are very limited.  So the pants will wait until tomorrow because we had playing and learning to do.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

ABC's of Me

I have been looking forward to doing this for awhile but also somewhat dreading it as it is a self reflection.  I think that growing up with two mean brothers (one that I love to death now, the other that well, let's just say the other and leave it at that) sometimes doesn't give you the best self image.  I have learned over time that one, you can't take everything that people say to heart or place it as the truth, and two, they were just kids and mean boys and I will always be the rose between the thorns.  So, without further adieu, here we go.

Age = 41

Birthday and Briar.  April 13, 1970 is the dob and Briar is my one and only biological, 16 year old son.  Some days he pushes me the brink of a breakdown and other days, I just melt when I look at him and the man that he is becoming.  I wish I could just go back for one hour to when he was a baby and cradle and rock him again.  Love you boo!

Creative whether it be in writing or a DIY project or craft, it is my creativity always seems to rear its head.

Divorced twice and my Daddy is so proud....not.  It is ok because I am now married to the best man on the planet and can't imagine my life before.

Effort because I always wanted to get an "E" for effort...lol

Favorites...I have a million and they are subject to change at MY discretion.

Grateful for all that God has given to me and my family. Grateful for my true friends.  Grateful for my family.  Grateful to be able to wake up each morning and say "Good morning sunshine, the earth says 'Hello'".

Hurting.  Unfortunately this is the state of most of my day as I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia.  I have arthritis in my knees, hips, hands, ankle, and jaw.  My knees are degenerating and my hands have so much muscle and nerve damage from carpal tunnel that my whole body hurts.  At 41, I have a cane that I have to use at times and it sucks to be this young and feel this crappy.

Independent. One of my qualities that my mother hates about me because it makes me "just like my dad".  Oh well, I am very able to make it on my own and I know that.  That is a good quality in ANY woman!

Junkie..  Get your mind out of the gutter cause I don't mean with drugs.  I am a junk collector and am able to see the beauty in a lot of things that people would just pass on by.  I am beginning to pass this on to my hubby because he has done a few Good Will trips with me and was extremely helpful! :)

Karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you.  Get get back what you give.  I just hope that I can stay around long enough to see it hit a few people.

Loving.....for the people that I love, I would move mountains or at least do my best.

Marcus and Miguel....my grandson Marcus is the apple of my eye.  He can make me smile and laugh even when my body feels like it is breaking.  Miguel, my beautiful husband Miguel.  He gave me back faith that there are great, incredible men out there in the world.  He is my rock and the love of my life.

Naked.  This is how I wish I could walk around in the world due to my hot flashes.  Why is this frowned upon?  HA

Opinionated....don't ask if you really don't want to know.

Procrastination.  One of my finest qualities as it has been around for 41 years.  Good news is that I work incredibly well under pressure....lol.

and another P

Pink.  One of my favorite singers and my favorite color. This was a color that I used to hate but I was on a business trip to Oakland years ago and one of the IT girls told me a story about her friends making a pact to "embrace their pink" for one week.  They wore nothing but pink even though she too hated it.  After a week, she was a huge fan.  I promised to do the same and yep, I was converted.

Questioning or analytical.  Drives my hubby nuts because I ask a million questions but inquiring minds want to know and I want to know.  I don't like to take something at face value.

Reality.  A place that many people need to find and reside.  I believe in dreams and dreaming but you can't stay there for long or you lose touch and that just annoys the hell out of me.

Sarcastic.  Another fine quality I have but at times it gets me into trouble :(
Smile.  One of my favorite things to do.
Short or vertically challenged.  I really would rather be called "Fun Sized" LOL.  At 4ft 11 1/2 inches, I don't think it will happen but I am still waiting for a growth spurt.

Trusting.  I trust that what people tell me is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.  This gets me into trouble because I give way too many 2nd, 3rd, 4th, chances.  You get the idea.

Unreliable.   This is not a good quality but this is the truth.  I used to always be on time and where I needed to be. Now, with the fibro and psoriatic arthritis, that is not a reality for me.  Some days I feel great but most days, I feel like someone hit my body with a semi.  I can't tell you how I will feel tomorrow so I can't make plans because I seem to let everyone down when I do and don't show up.  Also, if I don't put it into my phone, I forget everything.  You don't know how many times I have walked from the kitchen to the bedroom and forgot why I even went there.  This is not a funny thing.

Victorious.  I made it through 2 horrible, abusive marriages that have made me the woman that I am today.  Because of them, I have become a strong, independent woman that knows how to do things for my  self and by myself.  I'm a survivor!

Welcome...my door is always open. Just don't knock or ring cause you might wake up Marcus or the dogs, or me!  Just come on in and hope that I am not, refer back to "N".

eXtrovert.  Yep, not much being held back here.

Yell  God gave me lungs and sometimes I use them to get my point across or just to be able to be heard over all of the chaos in this house.

Zippidy do dah, zippidy ay, my oh my what a wonderful day.  Sing this song and you can't help but be put into a great mood!

OK...well that about covers it.  Your thought are always appreciate.  YEAH, tomorrow I am beginning to make the pajama pants and can't wait! :)

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