Monday, May 9, 2011

Going to the Chapel and we're.......

It is Monday and I type this from my bed, sick as a dog and coughing up a lung.  But...I WILL be better soon.  I have to be because my Daddy is getting married this weekend.  Isn't that fantastic?  I think so but it is also slightly odd.  My Dad and Mom were married for 40 years when basically my mom went off the deep end, lost her mind, and gave up 40 years and the best man she could have ever have wished for.  The details are long and definitely NOT boring, but to be saved for a later day when I have more time and have a few drinks in me first. Back to the story, I am sick and now my hubby is sick and this wedding is just 5 days off.  I think that my dad thinks I did this on purpose.   In my hoarse, Stevie Nicks-ish kind of voice, I told him that I would be there whether they pushed me in a wheelchair.  My father, the undying germ-a-phobe, would probably have people waiting at the entrance to take me back to the car however, as he would not want me to "infect" himself or anyone else.  I can see it all play out now.  Me, hooked up to iv's and a half closed hospital gown, rolling myself into the church.  My dad is standing in the front of the church smiling but looking a little nervous as I am approached from the side by two guys who look slightly "mobish". 

One of the guys speaks  " that your name?" (reminiscent of Dirty Dancing's "Baby, that what they call you?)
Me:  "Uh, no.....Actually, it is Lisa and only my dad calls me 'Reese'"
Mob Guy:  "Yes, he said that you would know this was coming from him if we called you that.  Your dad loves you BUT he asks that you vacate the area as to not infect others"
Me:  "Are you serious?   I told him I would be be here come hell or high water and that is just what I did.  Can't I just sit in the back and watch?  I promise to leave right after."
Mob Dude: "Sorry ma'am but you will have to go.  You can either leave voluntarily or we will be forced to use the 'finger'.  Your dad taught us how he does it and we must admit that our aim is quite good after only a day of practice."

I roll myself wearily back to the car, go home and cry myself to sleep because no one will come and visit since dad convinced everyone that I am contagious.  I am missing out on the reception at Greenbriar and wedding cake from MacArthur's Bakery plus my dad is not able to figure out how to send me pics on his phone.

OK, now back to reality. First, my daddy has gotten really good at sending pics through his phone.  Yeah Dad!  Next, yes, my dad IS a germ-a-phobe and would really squirt people with Windex like in
My Big Fat Greek Wedding, if he thought it worked.  However, since being on these Embrell shots, I have zero immunity so I am sick, let's move on.  Want to know a little secret that I have not told anyone?  Ready?  I am secretly jumping up and down inside because I have been asking for a sister for the last 41 years and I am FINALLY getting one. Heee insides are nervous with anticipation. Now granted, I didn't order her up so close to the same age with kids and a husband but I secretly wish that she wanted to have a slumber party and get to know each other and that some day I could say "This is my sister".  No offence to Peggy's son, as I know you are a great guy, but brothers are a been there, done that kind of thing and the novelty wore off years ago.   Anyway you slice it, we are all grown and hopefully some day we can all get to know each other much better than just first names but if it doesn't happen, that is OK too.  The main thing is that my dad is happy and he found Peggy, someone who is so loving, caring, and kind to him.  He loves her and she loves him and that is what counts.  The rest will take care of itself.   Every time I see my dad and Peggy together, I can see how happy he is and that is all I could ever wish for the first man I ever Daddy :)

I WILL be there come hell or high water and we are in St. Louis so it could be either. Now to find the perfect top to wear with my black linen pants and black flats. I wonder if I can find something in my sister's closet???

Until Next Time....keep dreaming BIG!

Mamalou (Lisa)

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