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This is me, Lisa (aka "Mamalou") and my beautiful hubby Miguel.  I am a wife, mom to a 16 year old son, step-mom to 4, faux mom to MANY, aunt (ti-ti), grandmother ("Gammy") to my beautiful grandson Marcus and granddaughter Melani, friend, cook, housekeeper, magician....you get the idea.  I do a lot and some days don't know if I am coming or going or which end is up.  But this is my life and I adore each precious moment that God has blessed me with.

You might read me talk about my physical pains that I live with.  I am not just complaining (which I sometimes do) but I am a sufferer of Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and degenerating bones which effects my hands and knees mostly at this time.  I take weekly shots of Enbrel plus a load of other medication to get me through the pain. If you too are a sufferer, I would love to hear your story because I am always looking for new ways to deal with the pain and discomfort without being so foggy that I can't live.

My Family (aka "the peeps I love to talk about cause they don't read my blog anyway")

  • Briar:  
This is my 16 year old son Briar (with my precious Marcus).  He is a handful but I am proud of the man that he is becoming.  He has a heart of gold and someday will make a great hubby and daddy because I am teaching him now how to be self sufficient and fend for himself. He is becoming a great cook and is getting ready to start to the culinary program in his high school.  I plan to live vicariously through him since the best we got in high school were egg babies and old sewing machines!LOL

YaYa (aka Laura):  She is one of my oldest and dearest friends and my other "sister".  She is the rescuer of all that is beautiful (namely animal rescuer).  She is an inspiration to watch and hear about her animal rescues and puppy mill break downs in Missouri.  She is a beautiful individual inside and out and even though we don't get to see each other as much as we would both like, I know that we always catch up eventually and it always as if time has stood still since our last visit.

Reina and Zoey  These are my two babies that I couldn't be without.  Reina in the buff fluff ball and Zoey is the old black and white girl.  Both rescues of course and both my angels.  Oh yeah, and see how much Zoey loves her daddy below!  Tramp!

    Marcus:  Marcus is my other angel baby, my grandson.  Have you ever found something that you never really knew you needed, but once you 
    had it, you couldn't remember how you ever got by without it before?  That is Marcus.  He was born premature and with his intestines on the outside of his body.  He had a very rough start but has made up for lost time and now is a healthy, happy, crazy, wild, adorable little boy who will turn 2 in November.  His mom is Ashley and his dad is Jason (Miguel's son).  They both had to grow up really fast but I am so proud of them both for the little family that they have become.  Ashley is now going to college and her and Marcus reside with us.

      This would be the whole group of us!

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