Monday, September 19, 2011

Entertaining Mimi

I just have to brag about how much fun I (we) had yesterday with our Grandson. For those that don't know, he will be 2 on November 22nd so he is at this extremely entertaining age and I think I forgot how funny these little creatures are at this age. I have to admit that he can just walk in the house and say in his little raspy voice, "Hi Papa, Hi MiMi" and my heart just melts but then he gets into this funny little rambling and just goofing around and he has me rolling on the floor laughing at him. Well, in my mind I am rolling because my poor body can't handle the physical roll but this child, no matter how bad my body hurts, can always do something to make me laugh. After a day of playing, dinner, bath and brushing his teeth, it was time for MiMi (short for Gammy) to jump in the shower. I came out to find that he had put on both of Papa's socks. Now these are normally ankle socks on my hubby but they went up to his knees! He had his evening "coffee" which is his soy milk with just a small amount of chocolate in it, and then it was off to bed. He carried Papa's blanket to his bed but he didn't want Mimi to leave so I laid down on the floor next to his bed and watched Nick Jr. with him. He kept taking his huge socked feet and sticking them through the crib slats and up the walls. This wouldn't normally be funny as he does it all the time but these socks on him were just cracking me up. I have some pics below and I know that it is a "you had to be there" kind of thing, but you will get the point. He finally drifted off to sleep and I had to slither out of the room on my knees which was not an easy task. I must have looked liked an idiot but I don't care because I didn't want to make a sound and wake him from his peaceful slumber.

Tubby Time
He used to be so TINY
Not so much anymore!
Yep, Papa's socks
There are those socks again from my view as I laid on the ground!

So as if last night was not enough, when he got up this morning, he came running to me with one sock still on yelling "Hi Mimi". What a perfect way to start my Monday!  Thank God above for that little man!  (he replies "yep!".



  1. What a cutie! I'm following you back from the PS Beauty Blog. Thanks so much for stopping by my site. I really appreciate it and hope you stop back by soon. I'm following you on GFC, Networked Blogs and Twitter (as @PSbeautyqueen) too :)

    Tiffany @PS Beauty Blog

  2. He is a cutie and man can those little guys make a gloomy day happy again. And I have done the military shimmy out of bedrooms many a time.
    Found u thru Friends connect and hope u will check us out too at
    Cathy and Becca

  3. Thank you both for the follows. I am already following you both and can't wait to read more. And, YES, he kills me with those eyes! His mama is in some serious, serious trouble later in his life :)


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