Sunday, January 8, 2012

Judging Others Without Knowing Their Story

I just want to share a post that caught my attention on Facebook last night.  I am not putting this out there to berate anyone, just to bring attention to maybe thinking before you make a judgement call. I won't mention names either because the names are pointless.

One person on Facebook posted "When did it become acceptable for people to wear pajamas in public?".  The responses were incredibly closed-minded and really just nothing short of rude.   Below is an excerpt.

"Did you go to Walmart today too?"
"It is so wrong!!"
"See it all the time, not a fan!!"

Of course I joking stated "ummmm.....last night when I went to QT???  Hey, it was very late and I was tired!  Don't hate! LOL"

Those are typical responses but the following response really got me.

"Isn't it disgusting??? People take no pride in themselves anymore."

Disgusting?  Is it hurting you?  Is someone stepping out in their flannel jammie pants actually causing YOU some type of physical harm?  The last time I checked, it only embarrassed me that I didn't have the energy to get dressed up to go to the store, gas station, convenience store, etc.  I had to comment because this is what is wrong with the world today, so many people judge without ever really knowing the person or their story.  Unless you have walked in that person's shoes, how are you to know what they are experiencing?  My response to that comment follows.

"are you guys serious?  You may need to take a step back and consider that there may be a situation behind why that person is in their jammies before calling them "disgusting".  A new mom that needs a pack of diapers last minute because she ran my case, a disabled person that just didn't have the strength to put back on her jeans so she left on her comfy jammie pants.  It does not mean necessarily that the person lacks pride, it may just mean that the person lacks strength.  Every person has a story and instead of judging, learn sympathy and maybe even empathy."

The person that had the "disgusting" comment came back with the following....

"I do understand about the people who ghave to go out in an emergency....but I think we were talking about the people trying to make a 'fashion statement'."

I must have missed that piece of the conversation (not) but nice way to clarify your feelings and backtrack your response.   My thoughts are that if we spend a little less time judging others and pretending that we know the reasons they do what they do and maybe for once, help someone in need, we might become a less arrogant society that plots people against their fellow man.  Just making  a general  judgement call makes you look ignorant and the person in the jammie pants.....well, the are comfy if nothing else.  I for one would rather be the latter and be comfy! :)  Oh and also, I make jammie pants for anyone that would like to make a fashion statement so contact me if you would like a pair for your next shopping trip. :)

Until next time,


  1. THANK YOU for this post!!!!!! I see what you are refering to all the time and it annoys the hell out of me.

    I think these days people are too busy point out what is wrong with everyone and everything. These are the same people who keep missing the BIG picture.


  2. you ROCK my friend! Yes, the big picture is what most miss and you know I have a motto that I live by....People in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks! It is just sad that there is so much more wrong with the world and wearing jammies to the store really isn't even an issue. Thank you for reading! :)

  3. I wear pajamas in public as a 'fashion statement' (:

  4. I am wearing my pajama jeans as we speak and guess what? I wore the same PAJAMA JEANS yesterday when I went out to brunch with the family....

    To those who have a problem with it...I say "SCREW 'EM!"

  5. readers ROCK!!!! :) I am right there with you guys and as a tribute to the person who said something, I made sure to take a pic of myself going to walgreens at 11pm last in my jammies! I have to say that I don't hold my cousin or his wife responsible for the ignorant comments and they were just the ones that posted the first comment but my cousin called me last night and tried to explain to me that the person who called us all "Disgusting" and how we lack pride, is actually an older woman who is old school in her thinking. I am sorry but age is no excuse for ignorance in my book! It just shows THEIR ignorance and small mindedness! Anyway, off my soap box but I am glad that I have followers that think like I do. You are all in the right place! Love ya!


  6. Do you remember when leggings...or stir-up pants as they were sometimes called...were the thing? I used to wear them like a lot of other people.

    Well, one Sunday out pastor said that they were for fat people who were lazy about losing weight. I'll never forget it or how embarrassed I was.

  7. JM....that makes me so sad and in fact reiterates a point I made early on about this subject with my cousin. When back in high school, I wore MEN'S BOXER SHORTS, otherwise known as underware, out in public. Why? Because that was what we did. I don't remember anyone saying anything to me about it but my cousin tried to tell me that "we" were brought up different....different than what? I was not brought up to judge a situation that I don't know crap about....just saying.... I hope that pastor had something equally humiliating done to him and am sorry that you went through that.


  8. I have read your article and wondered why you didn't to this to the person on FaceBook. I happened upon your article because I am doing a research paper on Why people wear their pajamas in public and from what I have seen it does seem as if they don't care. And from what I have learned about the topic it is considered to be a trend stated by teenagers; that really made me think. There are things are the thing do; but, it doesn't I have to do it. I went looking for a dreass to wear and could not find one that suited my body or my height; I did buy one..yet, it was of stretchy material, had a "slip" under showed every curve, roll, "dimple", and you could still see through it; when I looked in the mirror I realized I can't wear it.


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