Monday, October 10, 2011

Newest Project.....Purse

I was inspired by my friend Dawn and her cool bags that she makes but I had to give it the "Mamalou" touch.    We are into really different fabrics which is cool in my book.  While I love and swoon for the Shabby Chic, floral look, she is into the modern/artistic prints.  While my first attempt didn't stay in either category, I love the mix of browns I used and love even more, the mix of different material types.  I love it so much that I am going to use it today :)

The template that I kind of went from, but mixed it up some, was from a book called "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs.

I picked it up this past week at Barnes and Noble and it contains some of the coolest designs that I have seen and it was so easy to understand, which I needed!  The template that I used was for the Wool Bow Bag but I did some modification to it because I wanted a longer handle and I didn't really want to put a bow on it.  Also, I wanted to use a few different materials on it instead of just one plaid throughout.  OK, so here we go.

Outside and liner cut and tapered
Burberry Plaid <3
Finished product 
Love my little green "tag"
That's it.  Had I not have been distracted by Grey's Anatomy episodes that we are trying to catch up on, I probably could have made this in a matter of a couple of hours but it took about 1/2 a day since I did make a few errors that I had to correct and I kept changing my mind on the fabrics but essentially it was easy and I can't wait to make more of the bags in this book.  I am so stoked that I didn't get rid of my sewing machine like I thought about many times! :)

Until later,


  1. It's a fabulous purse! I'm thrilled that I inspired you and can't wait for some Pintrest DIY projects that we'll end up doing together! It feels great to be creative and to complete something in a day. Dawn

  2. Hey, milestone - I posted! And it stuck! YAY

  3. WHOOOO WHOOOO! Congrats! I see your name also which means you got an account setup. Congrats to us both! :) I am working on the Floral Scrap Tote now except that it will actually be re-named the Plaid Scraps Tote because I don't have any floral material scraps....yet!


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