Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Latest Culinary Adventures

As I can admit out loud.....I am addicted to Pinterest and make zero excuses for it.  I now have officially 99 followers and 25 boards, everything from my love for shabby chic to culinary masterpieces.  So, this week I have tried out my culinary skills on a few of the recipes and I have to say, experimentation is good.  Also, making bread from scratch is not nearly as tedious as I imagined but never, ever choose the hottest day of summer to try it!

My first recipe that I went for was a bread item, namely pretzels.  I honestly had no idea how easy, theraputic, and well, inexpensive it is to make pretzels.  I normally would take a long drive down to Gus' when I have a severe craving for them but this would definitely be cheaper than the gas.  Keep in mind that I did this all by hand and it was incredibly simple.  I used the "Martha Recipe" which consisted of flour, water, yeast and sugar.  That is it!  I know huh, crazy.  They turned out fantastic and were loved by the family.  I even made some little mini pretzels that Marcus could hold on to.  Check out the pics below and follow this link for the recipe I used Pretzels
Ready for the oven
Different sizes
The finished product!  YUMMM!
Next, I made another bread item but it was for breakfast on Sunday morning.  Of course I had to follow a recipe from Paula Deen that I had pinned for Gorilla Bread.  It was incredibly easy and a nice spin on the traditional canned biscuit Monkey Bread with cream cheese being placed in the middle of each biscuit before baking.  It was good but very, very sweet and rich.....a little too much for me but I tried it and that is what is important. Below are the pics.
patted out biscuit with cream cheese
First layer
Ready for oven
Out of over, ready to be flipped
Flipped and done!
Stay tuned to see what is next cause I have an old clock that has DIY written all over it!



  1. Yummy!!! Following you back Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to read more!

  2. yummo!!! new fan follower!

  3. Thanks ladies! I always follow back!

  4. I really LOVE homemade pretzels. I dont care for cooking sinnce I have other priorities that demand my time, but my husband makes some good ones. Now I will have to get him to make me that gorilla bread!!! YUM! I will have that warmed up on cold mornings with coffee.
    I am following back!

    jenny at dapperhouse

  5. Hi Jenny....if you use Pinterest, check out my "Yummy things" category as I have pinned some awesome looking recipes. I can't wait to try them all as I love to experiment with new recipes. If only I could be like Julie and Julia and work my way through an entire cookbook. I would love to do it but my family would get too spoiled. I would need to bring them back down to reality rather quickly...lol. Thanks for the follow and I will be stopping in to visit your blog again.


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