Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painted rug

I am in great need now for some of those foam, puzzle piece, floor mats that day cares use on the floor. I know you are asking "why in the heck does she need them?".  Well, let me show you this ADORABLE DIY that I came across in one of my crazy jumps.  Follow the link right below to the blog showing the before and after.

Painted rug:  After you pull your chin back up off the ground like I did (in sheer amazement that this is really a floor mat that is normally used for kids), you will see how incredibly easy this is to make.  And I can even make it easier, if you would like) with my  vinyl cutter,  I can cut a template thus making the painting part even easier.  Personally I am in love with the first floral mat because I love the colors that were used but also love the beige and teal and I can see the black and white going into a boys room.  there are a multitude of design elements that  can be used to design your custom mat to fit in your space.  If anyone has any ideas, other than are shown (paisleys, polka dots, mod dots, special flower types, let me know and Mamlaou can help you with the design.  Thanks!  Until Again....


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