Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guess what I finished over the weekend!

I had this ugly clock that I have been lugging around for YEARS.  It belonged to one of my ex-husbands and hey, finders keepers, you know the rule!  I figured if it was that important to them, they would have claimed it years ago.  The original ugliness is pictured below:

That is how it looked when I dug it out of the buried crap in the basement, dings all over with a frayed  electrical wire.   I took off the face and began the cleanup, sanding, washing project to get it ready to be painted.  I removed the frayed electrical cord from the back and placed it inside the clock in case I ever decide to redo it.  

Let the games begin, or in this place, let the painting begin. Here are a couple of pics of it in process:

Front w/ face plate removed
side view
I put the face plate back on after distressing the paint but I am not thrilled with the outcome yet as the face is still an ugly bronze.  I am going to pull the plate again and paint it with some silver paint to soften the look and will then post the finished project.  If you look behind the clock on the side view above, you will see the paint "sample" that I purchased at Home Depot.  These are Martha Stewart paint samples in eggshell that can be custom mixed with any store color.  Each contain 8 oz of paint which is more paint than you will need for multiple small projects and you will get more than one small project out of each jar.  Well worth the small price in my opinion because you can use the paint up before it goes bad.  Also, Home Depot sells any of these little jars that have been mixed in "error" as "Opps Paints" and you can pick them up for $.50 each....a steal, so check your local Home Depot paint department often.  This is really a great way to save money and yet get the same high quality paint in a small quantity.  Also, the paint I will be using to paint over the face is a silver metallic paint that I already have on hand from some other small projects, purchased on sale at Michael's months ago at 2 for $1.

So here is the cost breakdown
Ugly old clock left by ex-husband - $0
Sanding blocks taken from my glass studio - $0
old sponge brushes left over from other projects - $0
Silver metal paint left over from other projects - $0
teal paint "sample" from Home Depot - $2.93  
Final out of pocket project cost:  $2.93

I am quite impressed at this project and am happy to have it almost done.   I should have the final pics by tomorrow and will load them then so come back to check them out! 

Until Next Time....

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