Saturday, March 19, 2011

2:30 in the Morning

What on God's green earth am I doing awake?  Yeah, I bet you were asking yourself the same thing.  Well #1, I was looking at rhinestones, rhinestone designs and ideas, and just perusing the web.  Definitely not anything more spectacular that I can say that I was up actually doing something fun.  All it really is is a case of insomnia due to having to sleep so much duing the day that it cost me time at night.  I get so tired but I can't seem to quiet my mind.  The ideas are just bursting through and I just know that one day I will blow up from all this pent up energy.  The only image that I finished this evening was an image for a friend who lost his Boxer last year to a cancerous tumor.  I made him a window sticker to put on the back window of his jeep and I hope that he likes it.  I think it is time that I lay my head down and "mind over matter" as my dad used to tell me.  Maybe it will work! :)

PS  My friend Gina told me to come over this afternoon as she had a surprise fo me.  I stopped over and she had picked me up the most fantastic book of rhymes, poems, quotes and small sayings that will likely all make it to vinyl so stay tuned! :)

(AKA Lisa)

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