Saturday, March 5, 2011

OMG....I am cutting!!!

Yes, it is true.  Last night I was finally able to cut my first file with my new big man cutter.  Now, I don't know who this Murphy character is, as in "Murphy's Law" but this person needs to be smacked and smacked hard.  I was bound and determined to find the answer to why my cutter was not communicating with my computer without going to ask someone.  Yes, I am the type that needs to go and look for the answer and not just have someone tell me what to do.  So, I found the problem, fixed it, and guess what?  It started raining.  Now this was  not just raining but it was more like a flash flood, build ark, rivers run through it type of rain.  So, needless to say, I have cut vinyl that is now sitting on the kitchen table.....grrrr.  That is what I get for being an independent woman! I have not cut anything today as as my 15 month old grandson was over and I didn't feel like having a very expensive toy become part of his toy  collection!   My body also is hurting way to bad today to do just about anything so.....until we meet again!

Mamalou (Lisa)

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