Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures Loaded and Many More to Come

What a day it has been.  I think I have gotten more accomplished today than I have completed in the last two weeks.  Over 150 images have been loaded to Flickr and my Facebook page (check out Mamalou's Gems).  I have finished some designs that were almost still unfinished.  I have gotten my new cutter completely setup, turned on, software upgraded, and many of Sandy's videos have been watched.  Oh wait....I washed the grey right out of my hair and my finger nails are now repainted.....whoo whoo!  What a day and I am wiped. 

On another note....is anyone besides me loving this season of American Idol?  I have to be honest that I have never watched anything but some of the horribly funny initial try outs but these kids are incredible and some of them have some incredible talent to go with their incredible stories.  Unbelievable is all I can really say. 

On one more note.....check out the new sticks that are available.  I think I am going to remove the sticks on my van and remake them just because there are so many new heads and bodies that I want to use.   They even have a knitting lady for my bestie Gina.....very excited!  With Spring coming, the weather is getting perfect to apply the car vinyl so put in your orders soon. 

Until tomorrow, when I hope to have good news that I have officially been able to cut a design.  Keep reaching for the stars!

Mamalou (Lisa)

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