Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wasted Day or was it?

As always, changes in plan take place at the last minute and if you read the "ABC's of Me", you know that I am not able to tell you how I feel until the last minute.  Since I finished both pillowcases last night, I went to bed with an incredible sense of accomplishment.  My arthritis has been acting up for the past two days but I pushed through it and did it.  The goal for today was for me  to get up and start on Marcus' pajama pants first. If I was going to ruin a pair, I figured that it would be best to make it on the smallest pairs possible and not waste too much material stash. Then came the phone call that my step-son needed to go into work early so he needed to bring Marcus (the recipient of above-named pants).  Marcus' mom has school all day on Tuesdays so she wouldn't be out till close to 4:30.  I had the whole day ahead of me planned but things don't always go as you would like them to.  So instead of sitting at the table sewing, I got to sit in "Mimi's chair" and/or on the floor and play with Marcus.  Thee will be plenty of opportunities to finish the pants but not many times longer to see this
Yes that is Marcus power lounging in his crib

My grandson is growing up so quickly and I know that the days that I have with him at this age are very limited.  So the pants will wait until tomorrow because we had playing and learning to do.  


  1. It must be so frustrating to have your sewing interrupted by bouts of arthritis... but I'm sure once the pajamas are finished, Marcus will love wearing them to bed each night... (and dreaming of his Grandma:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Yes, it is definitely frustrating but I know that I need to make due with what I can and can't do. I am coming to terms with not being the same as I was before. I have already showed Marcus the flannel and all he could keep saying to me is "MONKEYS". Two of the materials have monkeys on them. They he would rub it against his face so I know that it is cool AND soft! :) Thanks for the visit!

  3. Ohhh that's the sweetest! Your grandson must be so lucky having you for a sweet grandma. And yes, it's so right to spend a quality time with him. The pants can wait but I bet he would look so good on it. I'm a new follower.

    Kate visiting from vB,

  4. Good for you for pushing everything else aside to focus on your grandson! He is one lucky little boy to have a grandmom that focuses on what's important. Hugs to you!

  5. thanks ladies! I love every minute that I spend with him and he is growing so fast. Thank you all for the follows!

  6. Being a Gran'ma is the greatest!!
    Following you from VB! Have a great day!!


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