Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Don't REALLY Hate the Holiday "Season"!

Despise is probably more accurate.  I know that people love the Fa La La'ing, the glitter sparkling, the idiot's shopping, the caroler's caroling, the car's trafficing, the mistletoe kissing, the colors, the drinks, the parties, the bell ringing, etc....blah blah blah.  I get it....I just hate the fact that it is TOO DAMN EARLY!  Only in the US (I hope) are we so money minded that we go from Memorial Day directly to Christmas, don't pass go, slow down enough to spook the crap out of the neighbors, but never really even see Thanksgiving for more than an extended weekend to eat too much and SHOP.  I hate that I got in my car last Monday and turned on not one but two radio stations that are already playing nothing but Christmas music.  Why are they forcing so much noise down our throats so early?  Do they know the true meaning behind the holiday?   Do they know that the event that we are celebrating was much quieter?  That a baby was born in a stable with a beautiful bright star leading the way for people to come and see Him. Come let US adore Him?  Quiet, nothing but the animal's stirring. I am going to assume that Jesus himself didn't even scream bloody murder like the kid I saw the other day in Walmart.  It was peaceful and it was quiet, yet every year gets louder and louder, earlier and earlier.  Shoot the messenger if you want but I want to celebrate the event, not the season.  I don't want to hear "this is what I WANT for Christmas".  Do you think that Jesus WANTED to be born in a stable?   Don't you think that there might have been a much more suitable place for the son of God to be born?  Think about this, November 13th, 2000+ years ago, do you think that Mary was hanging lights and throwing tinsel on a tree that is surely going to drop its needles by December 25th?  Kinda doubt it.  And what about "Happy Holiday"?  I am going to bet that even the person who came up with that phrase as to not offend anyone with a "Merry Christmas", didn't think people would begin saying it in September!

Now before you go and call me scrooge or whatever else, YES, I celebrate Christmas.. absofreakinglutely!  It just annoys me that we have made what used to be a month long celebration into a 3 month shopping event and are missing the true meaning.  This is not meant to offend anyone that celebrates Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or any other religious or cultural holiday that may fall in December/January, if anything, thank you.  Thank you for not allowing your celebrations to be littered or watered down by society.

Shutting up now :)

PS.  I have some new Christmas vinyl images going up soon but I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving is over.

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