Monday, November 7, 2011

My Newest Creation, the "Love Purse"

I am going to have to call this the "Love Purse", not because it has little hearts or even any type of pink on it, but because I am up-cycling an old sweater that I wore the first night my hubby took me out (and a few more times after that).  It is a Tommy Hilfiger wool mixed argyle sweater that I purchased on clearance (of course) and I fell in love with it immediately.  I had lost a large amount of weight and it fit me like a "T".  It no longer fits me but it was not one of the items that I could not bring myself to give up to Good Will as it just held too many memories.  AND, I still have this killer pair of red high heal cowboy boots that look incredible with the sweater so they are like a matched set.  Let me first show you how it looked originally.
This is Miguel, Tara, and I at
her going away party
Now after some cutting and washing.
General "possible" style of finished
Sweater with back and sleeves removed
Fabrics I am using as liners and pockets
I am still working out the different ideas floating around my head but you kind of get the idea.  I can't wait to use a piece of our beginning and change it into something functional instead of just hanging in my closet!  Let me know if you have any thoughts and/or suggestions because I love new ideas!

Until next time....keep dreaming.....


  1. I'm stopping in with the MondayMingel Hop.
    I love this idea, but my sewing skills is NULL!!!! ={
    but I think having it as a purse is a great way to always keep the memories!

  2. Thanks for stopping in Pamela and for the feedback!

  3. Ooops, I was looking for the finished purse. Can't wait how it looks like:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog. I'd be honored to have you follow back too:)

    Author of children's picture book 'Over and Under' --> give the gift that gives

  4. is getting there but my iron conked out on me today so now a new one is a MUST before I can proceed. I have plenty more projects that I have worked on today and will have them posted shortly. Thanks for the follow and I will follow you back!

  5. Why not felt it. It would be a beautiful piece=)
    Gail Logsdon @ MOss Boutique

  6. Hi Gail....I am so glad to hear from you! I hope all is well with the store and with Nicole. FYI everyone, if you get a chance, check out MOss Boutique in old town St. Charles. Gail's daughter is definitely my favorite designer :) Actually, I have felted it and it shrunk a little but but didn't felt it the way I would have liked. I think it was 80/20 with the 20% being Angora if I remember correctly. I have two more that I tore apart that did felt up beautifully. Any suggestions on getting a mix to felt up more? I used hot water and even put it in the hot dryer! Thanks for stopping by as I am honored to have you visit. PS....did the dress ever show up?


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